Vendor Information

We are no longer accepting applications!


October 7th Set up can begin after 12:00pm - NO EXCEPTIONS

October 8th First day of festival – set up must be completed by 7:00am

Unload your vehicle, move it, then set up

October 9th Second day of festival – set up must be completed by 7:00am

Unload your vehicle, move it, then set up

The Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival Committee is comprised of local volunteers who work very hard throughout the year to make this festival a success. The homeowners of Hartsburg are gracious enough to “turn over” their properties to us for one weekend out of the year. Please respect their properties and feelings. The members of the committee do not receive any money for their contributions nor do the landowners (except for the use of their utilities).

❖ Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival prefers that all crafts be handcrafted by the vendor.

❖ All applications will be reviewed, juried and screened prior to your acceptance. Any item NOT approved during the application process that appears in your booth at the event may be removed.

❖ All applications require 2 photos of your product (craft or food) including 1 photo of your outdoor display if possible. Even if you are a returning vendor. We will not process your application without the required photos.

❖ If not accepted into the Festival, all fees and photos will be returned by mail.

❖ Please allow 4-8 weeks to process your application once received by the Festival Committee.

❖ To avoid missing the event, submit your application early.

❖ Any application  received after the August 1, 2022 deadline will be charged a $15 late fee if you are accepted.

❖ All returned checks will be assessed a service charge of $25.00

❖ Your cashed check will serve as notification of acceptance.

❖ CANCELLATIONS – There are no refunds for vendor cancellations for any reason.

❖ Taxes – Each vendor is responsible for collecting the State Sales Tax and filing a report with the local Department of Revenue. You can find these forms online. ( We will have a limited amount of State Tax Forms on hand.)

❖ Vendors will receive ample amount of booth space. ALL MATERIALS MUST NOT GO BEYOND THE ASSIGNED VENDOR SPACE.

❖ Vendors are required to participate both days of the Festival from 9am – 5pm.

❖ Any Vendor who vacates early or who fails to stay both days of the Festival will be disqualified from next year’s Festival.

❖ Vendors are required to supply their own equipment, such as tables, chairs, backdrops, tools, extension cords, tents, bleach, serving gloves, etc. The Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival Committee will not provide such items. Please make sure your space is kept clean and attractive and do not leave behind any garbage.

❖ Vendors are responsible for their own setup and teardown. They are also responsible for unloading and loading their own equipment and/or products.

❖ Vendors are responsible for restocking their own booths with product during the festival. We do not have the ability or Staff to transport product back and forth to vendor spaces during the Festival.

❖ It is suggested that you bring weights for your tent in case your booth location does not accommodate the use of stakes.

❖ All vendor spaces are located outside. The majority of spaces are on grass.

❖ Space assignments are not guaranteed. We try our best to accommodate vendor requests, but sometimes it is not possible. 

❖The vendor is solely responsible for any and all equipment that is brought to the festival.

❖ Booth Setup times: Friday, October 7th from Noon – 7pm and Saturday, October 8th at 6am Booth setup WILL NOT be allowed prior to noon (12:00 pm) on the Friday before the Festival. Setup times will be strictly enforced!

❖ Vendors arriving late will not be allowed to park by their booth to unload. Due to the new traffic routes, traffic through town is shut down at 7am and vehicles are not permitted through. Late arrivals will have to find another way to transport their products to their space. Festival staff will not be available to transport equipment and/or product. So, please arrive on time!

❖ Vehicles and trailers must be unloaded and moved off the street prior to setting up your booth to assist in traffic flow. ALL VEHICLES AND TRAILERS MUST BE OFF OF THE STREETS BY 7:00 AM. VIOLATORS ARE SUBJECT TO TOWING BY THE LOCAL SHERIFF’S DEPARTMENT AT THE OWNERS EXPENSE.

❖ Setup time must be completed by 7:00 am both days.

❖ All vendors MUST check-in at the Information Booth prior to setting up their booth.

❖ Parking in designated areas only. Vendors are not permitted to park by their booths.

❖ The Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival Committee reserves the right to make final interpretations of all rules and regulations. Please read the General Release on your application before signing.

❖ No application will be accepted without a signature.

❖ Any vendor who is found to not be following the rules and regulations will be asked to leave without refund and disqualified from next year’s festival.

❖ If you have any questions regarding the rules and regulations, please feel free to contact us at (573) 808-1288.

Additional Food Vendor Information

❖ A final and complete menu must be submitted with your application. No additional menu items are to be added after completion of application without notifying committee first.

❖ All food vendors must comply with the Columbia/Boone County Department of Health and Human Services regulations. This information can be found at or by calling 573-874-7355.

❖ Food vendors will also be required to have fire extinguishers in accordance with the fire code.

❖ All food vendors should accept the volunteer food vouchers which you will be reimbursed for at the end of the festival by the committee. You will need to bring your vouchers to the Information Booth before the close of the festival on Sunday for a full reimbursement.

❖ Alcohol will only be served at Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival approved sites. A failure to comply with any of the rules set forth by the Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival Committee may result in the loss of your booth space and disqualification from any future festivals. 

We look forward to seeing you in October!